• Henry's Coffee Machine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini
  • Henry's Coffee Machine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini
  • Henry's Coffee Machine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini
  • Henry's Coffee Machine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini

Henrys coffee

Henry's Coffee Machine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini




Meet Henry's Coffee's favorite coffeemachine: Lamarzocco Linea Mini. This espresso machine will produce the best possible coffees to keep you going in the morning hours (or late business nights). This premium machine is THAT special, it is the Porsche of the espresso machines. You should definitely try it soon!


  • Made to order: 4 week delivery term
  • Premium espresso machine
  • Brand: Lamarzocco
  • Model: Linea Mini


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